Audio Rentals Albany (2024)

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Rent Audio Equipment Albany

Albany, New York can be a noisy place. In order to get your message heard above it all, trust Hartford Technology Rentals. Whether you need to rent a complete sound system in Albany or maybe just a wireless microphone, we’ve got you everything that you need. We carry a wide range of professional sound equipment rental options from the best pro audio manufacturers. You can rent pro audio equipment for a day, a week, a month or even longer. We’ve got the best pro sound rental rates and the largest inventory available in Albany. If you’re asking the question “Where can I get audio equipment rental near me?” the answer is Hartford Technology Rental. Our fully stocked nearby East Coast Order Fulfillment Center has the inventory you need and the technicians available to support you. We get you your gear as quickly as the next day, fully tested and prepped for your next event. Our technicians are available 24 x 7 x 365 to support you in every way possible all throughout New York.

We are as close as a mic drop or phone call away and ready to help:
Phone: 888-520-5667

Audio Equipment Rentals Albany

At Hartford you’ve got choices and lots of them no matter the size of the audience you are engaging. Our options include: speaker rentals, microphone rentals, mixers, speaker timers, stage monitors, teleconferencing rentals and a whole lot more. Not quite sure exactly what you need? Leave it to our AV sales professionals to put together the perfect sound equipment rental package for your audience size and venue.

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When renting pro audio in Albany, there’s a good chance you’ll also need some other equipment such as a laser projector, projection screens, or other items. We are your one stop shop for everything you’ll need for your upcoming event whether indoors or outdoors and at unbeatable prices. Can’t find what you need? Simply add what you’re looking for in the comments section of our quick quote form and our expert sales team will take it from there!

  • Charging Station Rentals
  • MacBook Rentals
  • Projection Screen Rentals

The Hartford difference

There are lots of vendors to choose from so why get audio rentals in Albany from Hartford?

Our East Coast Order Fulfillment Center office is close by, fully stocked and ready to help. Why does that matter? Well if you’ve got an event do you really want to have to worry if the shipper will deliver your sound equipment on time? Renting audio equipment in Albany from Hartford Technology Rentals is always your most reliable option.

With a Distribution Center near Albany, we understand pressures customers face working in Smallbany. Combine that with the nature of short-term events and projects and you’ll find there’s a lot of pressure to perform. On top of that you have a budget to consider. We want to help take some of that pressure off you and help you stay within your budget.

We’re all about service

  • Technical sales reps
  • Our equipment is expertly maintained
  • We’re passionate about the details
  • Creative and innovative solutions
  • We are available 24/7/365

Benefits of renting audio equipment in Albany from Hartford

  • Best Daily/Weekly/Monthly sound system rental prices in Albany
  • Huge inventory of professional audio equipment rentals
  • Multiple event rental discount programs
  • Batteries will be fully charged in all gear

As our tag line says “Not Just Equipment”. While we love technology it’s the really a service that we’re selling. You and your event are important to us. We don’t see ourselves as a vendor but a partner with a vested interest in making sure the event we’re working on with you is a successful one. Over 96% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Are you looking for a partner to rent pro audio gear in Albany? If so, look us up in Albany. We’d love to hear about the details of your upcoming event and lend our experience to make sure it’s the best event yet. There’s no event that is too small or too big and the same goes for your budget as well. Give us a call at 888-520-5667 and find out for yourself why we’re “Not Just Equipment”.

Here’s our full lineup of sound systems for rent in Albany.

  • Sound system rentals
  • Mixer rentals
  • Teleconference rentals
  • Microphone rentals
  • Audio system rentals
  • Sound equipment rentals
Audio Rentals Albany (2024)
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