Walk In Clinic - Book Now - 2009 WARDS ROAD, LYNCHBURG, VA 24502 (2024)

What can I expect from CVS MinuteClinic® at 2009 WARDS ROAD LYNCHBURG, VA?

MinuteClinic® is a walk-in and book clinic inside your local LYNCHBURG CVS/Pharmacy® or HealthHUB® location. At our HealthHUB locations, you can receive most MinuteClinic services as well as shop our health products. Our clinics give you a cheaper and more convenient alternative to emergency rooms and urgent cares, while still offering most of the same services. With the ability to walk in and make an appointment, you can come in at any time – including evenings and weekends. MinuteClinic® provides quality health care for adults and children over 18 months. We treat a wide range of conditions and illnesses to ensure that you and your family get well and stay well. Some of our services include TB testing, flu shots, and sports physicals . Come in for a MinuteClinic visit and receive quality health care on your schedule!

How Much is a MinuteClinic Visit at 2009 WARDS ROAD LYNCHBURG, VA with and without Insurance?

MinuteClinic® prices in LYNCHBURG range anywhere from $35 to $250 depending on the service, which makes us 40% cheaper than urgent care centers. Please visit our service price list and insurance information page to see detailed pricing and insurance breakdowns. At CVS MinuteClinic®, most insurance plans are accepted. We recommend contacting your insurance company prior to your visit to be sure that the service you are seeking will be covered. How much you will have to pay out of pocket will depend on your insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket, you may pay with cash, card, or check. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the case. Lab tests and additional services may result in additional charges.

Can’t make it in for a visit? We also have Video Visits, which enable you to see one of our health care professionals from the comfort of your own home as an alternative for just $59 per visit. Currently, a Video Visit is not covered by insurance and is not required to get treatment.

Though there is never a good time to get sick, if you happen to be anywhere in the Chestnut Hills Shopping Center when you develop a cold or begin to feel feverish, take comfort in the fact that you are just down the road from our MinuteClinic®, located right within our CVS Pharmacy® at the corner of Wards Road and Fort Avenue. We are right next door to IHOP and BB&T. Our MinuteClinic® is staffed by qualified medical professionals who can diagnose and treat a number of common ailments.

Healthcare services for all ages

Regardless of your age or current health status, our nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants are prepared to diagnose and treat whatever ails you. Each of our professionals has undergone extensive training in the field of medicine and are just as qualified to care for you as any professional within a traditional healthcare setting. Some common conditions with which we are happy to help include the following:

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Sinus infections
  • Asthma
  • Pink eye
  • Ear infections
  • Mononucleosis
  • Eczema
  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Strep throat
  • Gout

Even if you're not feeling unwell, if you are in the area, take a minute out of your day to receive a well check. It never hurts to know where you stand health-wise and what more you can do to better your health. We also offer routine physicals in case you need one for work or school.

Care available 24/7

As we already mentioned, there is never a good time to get sick. However, this is especially true at night or on a weekend. If you fall ill in the middle of the night, or your little one comes down with the flu on a Saturday, most healthcare offices are closed. Fortunately, by downloading the CVS Pharmacy® Virtual Care app, you can access medical advice from the comfort of your own home. Simply pay a small fee and wait to be connected with a provider. The provider will review your medical history, assess your symptoms and determine the right treatment. If necessary, he or she will also call in a prescription on your behalf.

Get current on your immunizations

You can reduce your risk of becoming sick entirely by getting the vaccinations recommended by the CDC. Our MinuteClinic® offers all the common vaccines such as MMR, Tdap, Hepatitis, HPV, varicella, polio and several others to individuals who are healthy and old enough to receive the vaccines. We also offer the annual flu shot.

Though the flu shot is never 100 percent effective against the virus, it can help your body combat the disease and prevent dangerous complications. It can also shorten the duration of the illness and get you back on your feet quicker than had you attempted to go through flu season without the immunization

Stop in for a visit today

Whether you're feeling unwell and want to get the best of the bug before it gets the best of you, you want to obtain a gauge of your health or you want to prevent disease entirely, stop into our clinic. You can Call us at 1-866-389-2727 or you can Google, "find a walk in clinic near me" for driving directions.

Walk In Clinic - Book Now - 2009 WARDS ROAD, LYNCHBURG, VA 24502 (2024)
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