The best builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact (2024)

The best builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact (1)

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The best builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact (2)

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Looking for the best Genshin Impact Zhongli build before his rerun in version 3.0? This is the third time that the Geo Archon is returning to Genshin Impact. Even eight months after his last banner, he's pretty much one of the best shielders in the game, and his Planet Befall burst can still do decent damage, while also hurling a literal asteroid at enemies.

Zhongli is still the linchpin of many Geo teams due to his Stone Stele Geo construct and how it resonates with others, like Ningguang's Jade Screen, Albedo's Solar Isotoma, and even Itto's little bull friend, Ushi. All in all, this can create some incredibly powerful Geo character combinations. So if you're on the prowl for a good Genshin Impact Zhongli build, as well as info about abilities and ascension materials, look no further.


The best Genshin Impact Zhongli build

Zhongli is the best shielder in Genshin Impact. The Jade Shield he creates with his elemental skill scales with his HP in terms of strength, but also Fortifies when hit by up to 25% strength once you unlock his Resonant Waves passive. His Dominance of Earth passive also boosts damage output based on his max HP, making him a pretty amazing hybrid support/DPS.


  • Weapon: Staff of Homa

Sadly, Zhongli's signature weapon, Vortex Vanquisher, isn't actually very good for him. However, Hu Tao's polearm is pretty much perfect. The Staff of Homa boosts HP by 20% and grants an attack boost based on 0.8% of the wielder's max HP. If their health ever drops below 50%, that boost is increased by 1%.

As you'd imagine, the HP boost increases Zhongli's damage and shield strength, and the attack boost based on HP stacks nicely with what he already gets from his Dominance of Earth passive.

  • Artifacts: (2) Archaic Petra (2) Noblesse Oblige

Two-pieces of Archaic Petra buffs Geo damage by 15%, which strengthens Zhongli's burst and skill. Speaking of bursts, two-pieces of Noblesse Oblige increase burst damage by 20%. This allows Zhongli to be more of an all round damage-dealer.

In terms of substats, you'll want to prioritise HP due to that shield strength and damage increase, and also Geo damage bonus if you have an artifact with the relevant stat.

How to unlock

The best builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact (3)

How to get Zhongli in Genshin Impact

Zhongli is returning for a banner rerun in phase one of version 3.0 on August 24, with one of the new Dendro characters, Collei as a boosted four-star alternative.

The Geo Archon originally released back in version 1.1 on the Gentry of Hermitage banner, before returning in version 1.5 alongside the release of the Azhdaha boss. Then Zhongli was available during his third rerun back in January, where you could wish for him alongside Ganyu to celebrate the return of the Liyue Lantern Rite event.


Zhongli's abilities

Here are Zhongli's abilities, passives, and Constellations:

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Normal attack: Rain of Stone
Normal Attack: Zhongli performs six rapid strikes in quick succession.
Charged Attack:Zhongli lurches forwards, causing stone spears to drop behind him. Costs some stamina.
Plunging Attack:Zhongli slams down with a strong attack.

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Elemental Skill
Dominus LapidisZhongli forms a stone stele, dealing AoE Geo damage. This attack becomes stronger if other Geo elements are nearby. If charged, this skill creates a jade shield, which absorbs damage, with better absorption for Geo damage.

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Elemental Burst
Planet BefallZhongli summons a meteor, dealing Geo damage and applying Petrification. Gets stronger as Zhongli’s health increases.

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Resonant Waves:Jade shield will Fortify when damaged, gaining a 5% increase in shield strength. Can stack five times.
Dominance Of Earth:Planet Befall gets a damage boost equal to 33% of Zhongli’s max HP.
Arcanum Of Crystal:Refunds 15% ore when crafting Polearms.

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Rock, the Backbone of Earth:Allows Zhongli to create two stone stele’s at once.
Stone, the Cradle of Jade:Planet Befall grants nearby allies a jade shield.
Jade, Shimmering through Darkness:Increases Dominus Lapidis’ level by 3.
Topaz, Unbreakable and Fearless:Increases Planet Befall’s AoE damage by 20%, and increases Petrification’s duration by two seconds.
Lazuil, Herald of the Order:Increases Planet Befall’s level by 3.
Chyros, Bounty of Dominator:40% of damage taken by jade shield becomes health regeneration for active party members.

Ascension materials

Zhongli's Ascension materials


You're going to need Prithava Topaz, the Geo character ascension material, in order to upgrade Zhongli's level cap. You can get this from any Geo boss, but you'll want to fight the Geo Hypostatis in the Guyun Stone Forest in Liyue, as this will also give you the Basalt Pillars he needs. On top of this, you'll need a couple of world materials:

  • Cor Lapis
  • Slime materials

You can get Cor Lapis all across Liyue, though particularly on Mt. Hulao and all across Jueyun Karst. There's a complete location list on the official Genshin Impact map. Slime materials, on the other hand, come from fighting Slimes and you should already have lots of them.

If not, you can find them everywhere, or fight them as part of Mondstadt's Blossoms of Wealth and Wisdom if you want to farm Mora and EXP materials at the same time.


Here's what you're going to need to ascend Zhongli's talents:

  • Gold scrolls
  • Slime materials
  • Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
  • Crown of Insight

You can get Gold scrolls from the Taishan Mansion Domain on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Slime materials, as mentioned, come from Slimes. The Tusk of Monoceros Caeli is dropped by the Childe boss, or crafted from his other boss materials at the Alchemy Bench with Dream Solvent.

Finally, Crowns of Insight come from upgrading the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine, the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma, or doing seasonal events such as 'Fleeting Colours in Flight' in version 2.4.

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The best builds for Zhongli in Genshin Impact (2024)
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